“Brian is very conscious of the needs of all group members when choosing topics and speakers to plan for our meetings. All of the Vistage speakers I’ve heard have been relevant for my business and have helped me achieve my strategic objectives. Vistage has been instrumental in helping me to adopt a new framework on which to build my business. I can’t put a dollar amount on it, but because of the things I’ve learned I would not be where I’m at today without Vistage.”

Wendy Benning SwansonPresident/CEO - Verum Staffing

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My Vistage CEO Peer Group helped me double my business in less than a year.

“In a review of growth options for my business in a monthly meeting, they recommended acquisition as my best option. They led me through the due diligence process, and within 3 months I acquired a company about the same size as mine.

My chair then helped me create an integration checklist that enabled us to merge the two companies together seamlessly in a matter of months. He helped me identify where we were lacking expertise (e.g. marketing and human resources) and found resources to plug those gaps. My chair and Vistage Peer Group gave me the confidence and the know-how to make it happen, and I couldn’t have done it without them.”

Mike MartinCEO/Owner of Carlson & Stewart Refigeration

My chair helped save and turnaround our business.

“Two years ago we were losing money and were on a dangerous downward spiral. My Chair pushed us to cut our staff by 30% and to dramatically change the way we do business. Within 2 months we went from losing money to making money, and with his continued coaching, our business has been more profitable in the last two years than at any time in our 30 year history.

But more importantly, I am a better person because of the time I spend with my chair. Not only does he care about my business, he genuinely cares about me personally, and about what matters to me. He asks me great questions, and I always come away from our one-to-one coaching sessions feeling both challenged and energized.

My chair has a gift of challenging and improving my thinking, my decisions, and my results without being heavy handed. It is great to have someone in my corner that gets so juiced about seeing someone else’s success!”

Gene EarhartPresident - Wellington Security Systems


“Brian and Vistage have made me a better leader – I return to the office with enriched knowledge and perspectives that I wouldn’t have had otherwise. I credit that deeper level of knowledge and perspective with helping me and my leadership team make better decisions about hiring, expense control and capital management.

Looking back on my first year in Vistage, I can readily see why my company has been so supportive of my participation. As a Vistage member, I attend monthly meetings with the other CEOs in my group and I also meet one-on-one with Brian. Though my CEO group meeting means a full day away from the office, I eagerly await that day each month. I am excited for those mornings; I want to find out what’s on people’s minds and hear, as well as share, what happened as a result of our discussions the prior month. It is a chance to exchange innovative ideas with people that share common interests and objectives, outside of my own company.”

Mike LitwinCEO of Atmosphere Commercial Interiors


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