Brian Davis Vistage Groups

60+ members in 4 peers groups that are segmented by size and executive level.

One CE group is targeted for seasoned CEOs and owners of companies with annual sales of $25M to $250M. Members in this group recognize that “What got them here, won’t get them there”, and are focusing on how to grow their organizations and their people to play at the next level.

A second CE group is for CEOs presidents, and COOs of companies with less than $75M in annual revenues. This is an excellent group for CEOs and presidents relatively new to their roles, and objectives for members in this group are to accelerate their development, become more strategic, and broaden their perspective.

In addition to his 2 CE Groups, he also leads two Key groups which blend owners of companies with fewer than 30 employees with senior executives from larger companies. Members in these groups are looking to accelerate their growth, increase their profitability, and improve their work/life balance.


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