A conversation with Jon Lindekugel, currently SVP of Global Supply Chain at 3M. At the time he was President of 3M Health Information Systems on the value of having an executive coach.

Why would a successful executive need an executive coach?

How did you and your coach figure out where to start and what to work on?

What positive impact have the leadership changes had?

What did your coach bring to the table and to what affect?

How would you describe the approach taken by your coach?

A conversation with Kurt Schneiber, CEO of Syncada on the value of having an executive coach – Kurt was a Managing Director at Citigroup for many years and led practice areas in the Middle East and within the global transaction services division. Syncada is a joint venture between Visa and US Bank:

What is the value of having an executive coach?

Does the value of peer advisory groups extend to CEOs of large companies?


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