Vistage resource speakers are leading experts in all aspects of of business and life balance. We deliver professional guidance, new ideas and real-world learning in interactive workshops.

Our expert resource speakers work with you to achieve results by providing critical insights and profitable tools that business leaders can effectively implement in their companies. Our 2017 guest speakers and their topics include:



Christophe Morin  NEUROMARKETING:  Stop splashing.  Start persuading. 
Craig Weber  ACTION DIALOGUE:  Piercing conversations
AmyK Hutchens Ignite brilliance in your leadership
Brett Pyle Your extraordinary why:  living a successful life of significance
Marcus Sheridan  How to turn your company website into a traffic, leads, and sales generating machine
Eve Grodnitzky Mindset changes everything: the art + science of success in business and in life

Christophe Morin

Drawing from the latest findings in neuroscience-the science that studies how the brain works, Patrick Renvoise and Christophe Morin have developed a powerful and unique neuromarketing workshop. Neuromarketing, an emerging new branch of marketing, enhances all the fundamentals of conventional sales and marketing by increasing their actual impact on the brain of your customers, employees and even potential investors. This unique approach is proven to create and deliver compelling messages that will help Vistage members quickly close more business.

Craig weber

Tom Peters has said that management enemy number-one is misinformation. This is especially true for CEO’s.  In this highly interactive workshop, Craig Weber works with members to help them learn a rigorous, highly useable method for crafting conversations that answer this critical question: “how can I be honest, direct and authentic in confronting tough issues in a way that actually educates and encourages others to do the same?”

AmyK hutchens

In this interactive, engaging and insightful program, executives are introduced to a mind/brain approach to developing better leadership skills within themselves and others. Incorporating the latest brain research, participants explore Socratic questioning techniques and how these tools can increase the effectiveness of goal setting, team building, team meetings, decision-making processes, improved client relationships, retained employees and organizational transformation.

Brett Pyle

How many times in life do we challenge ourselves, and our businesses, with lofty goals, only to discover that their achievement ultimately fails to satisfy? When articulating a vision, setting goals and choosing where to invest our time, do we think deeply enough about:

  • Who we are?
  • What we’re passionate about?
  • What we, and our companies, are uniquely gifted to accomplish?
  • Why any of these things really matter in the first place?

Marcus Sheridan

Despite the fact that more and more businesses realize that “just having a web site” is not going to lead them to the promised land these days, few truly understand what they need to do in order to not only build their brand, business and sales online– but also become the premier voice of their industry.  In this incredibly interactive and non-theory-based presentation, Marcus Sheridan will show Vistage members exactly how they can embrace the information and digital age in a way they never imagined, and the results that are possible if a company is willing to adopt the principles of content marketing.

Eve grodnitzky

Why do some of our employees embrace challenges, bounce back quickly from setbacks, take feedback well, and adapt easily to change – whereas other employees struggle to do these very same things? And (equally important) are these differences “hard-wired” – or are they something that we can change?

The answer lies in an understanding of a concept called “mindset,” originally described by research psychologist Carol Dweck. Mindset is the most fundamental way that we perceive, understand, and interact with ourselves, other people, and the world at large – and it can take two different forms: “fixed” or “growth.”  The good news is that mindset itself is not “fixed”; it can be shaped at both the individual and the organizational level.


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